The Unapologetic Woman by Dr. Danita Johnson Hughes

Are you caught up in The Sorry Syndrome?

The words “lead” and “team” are more than just four letter words. They deliver ways of making decisions; of doing work; getting things done and relating to those who are led and to members of the team. When leaders don’t sync with their teams, morale can plummet, loyalties disappear, distrust grows, stress increases and productivity nosedives. As the leader, you are viewed as inept—your good people start exiting.

You can’t afford to be “sorry” when they do … what you have to do is to become the best leader you can.

You are the “key player” of your team — be it small or large. In that role, you need a unique combination of skills that include confidence and courage. In your hands, Dr. Danita Johnson Hughes shares her insights from years of creating and building teams that work. She knows that you will make mistakes and that you are not perfect. And she knows that the sheer number of demands and obligations on your time are frequently beyond your control—she has “been there, done that.”

In The Unapologetic Woman, you will learn how to remove the blinders and the rose-colored glasses that many leaders engage. You will learn how to become an effective leader; one that employees desire to be led by.

The Sorry Syndrome will not encumber or hold you back.

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Danita Johnson Hughes’s powerful combination of tough love and straight talk make The Unapologetic Woman a must-read for both men and women.

Nick Morgan, author
Power Cues: The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact


Dr. Danita Johnson HughesDr. Danita Johnson Hughes is a healthcare industry executive, speaker, author and entrepreneur. Her ultimate goal is to help make a measurable difference in community health and well-being.

She is President and Chief Executive Officer of Edgewater Systems, where she leads the integrated healthcare services organization in providing behavioral health, primary care and child welfare services to residents of Gary and Northwest Indiana.

As a leader and turn-around specialist, she specializes in organization turnaround, creating great success in giving new life to troubled organizations. Through her professional work, keynotes, writing and philanthropic activities, she inspires people to dream big and understand the role personal responsibility plays in achieving success.

She is the recipient of numerous awards including the state of Indiana Governor s Distinguished Hoosier Award. She is a 2013 inductee into the Northwest Indiana Business & Industry Hall of Fame.