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Dr. Danita Johnson Hughes engages audiences with her relatable approach, knowledge and real-life examples to demonstrate how to implement changes for the most effective results.

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Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, TV Commentator

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Dr. Danita Hughes has been featured in several publications sharing her expertise in leadership, women's issues and healthcare.

Book Now!As a leader and turn-around specialist, Dr. Danita Johnson Hughes specializes in organization turnaround, creating great success in giving new life to troubled organizations.

Dr. Danita Johnson HughesDr. Danita Johnson Hughes is a veteran health care executive, author, professional speaker, columnist and television commentator. She is a dynamic, yet relatable personality, with a special focus on issues ranging from personal responsibility to leading with impact and influence. She is a recognized authority on leadership and organization turn-around. Dr. Hughes believes that “Failure plus resilience is the foundation upon which success is built.”

Her amazing story of transformation, hope and triumph over difficult odds is her testimony to this belief. Growing up in poverty, she dropped out of high school, had a baby as an unwed teen, and was constantly told she’d never amount to anything. Through her professional work, keynotes, writing and other professional and personal activities, she inspires people to dream big and understand the role of personal responsibility in realizing success.

Today, Dr. Hughes leads with compassion and conviction; with hopes of making a measurable difference in the lives of many.