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Dr. Danita Johnson Hughes engages audiences with her relatable approach, knowledge and real-life examples to demonstrate how to implement changes for the most effective results.

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Dr. Danita Hughes has been featured in several publications sharing her expertise in leadership, women's issues and healthcare.


Dr. Danita Johnson Hughes


Have you ever apologized and then wondered, why did I do that?
Do you question what could be
holding you back in your workplace?

Are you ready to think BIG and transform your career?


The Unapologetic Woman is the answer for any woman who wants to get ahead. Sure, there are barriers out there … some real; some self-created … yet they can be eradicated with the sage strategies and savvy wisdom that Danita Johnson Hughes reveals from her years of turning organizations around with her leadership strength. Now, her experiences and words become a mentor for your journey.

You will discover:

The Unapologetic Woman by Dr. Danita Johnson Hughes

  • Common and not-so common workplace challenges.
  • Your quest and the strategies to map the journey to succeed.
  • How to deal with your worst enemy: other women.
  • What the true challenges you will face in leadership roles are.
  • Strategies to resolve the missing piece in communicating.
  • Methods that bullies use to work covertly and overtly.
  • The Power of mentor and mentoring.
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Danita Johnson Hughes is a strong voice to issues and concerns women in leadership face in today’s workplace. In her no-nonsense, tell it like it is voice, you will get the steps and how-tos for assessing what you are doing that may be holding you back and gather the tools needed to fulfill your leadership path.

Dr. Danita Johnson Hughes delivers powerful words of wisdom. The Unapologetic Woman is enticing to say the least! A great read with chapters of inspiring tales of our challenges and “opportunities” to shine as woman leaders. You will find yourself smiling and acknowledging the truthfulness and introspective reflection of how powerful and confident women can and should be. Her book is an inspiration for all women seeking to be leaders or already in leadership roles.

Janice L. Ryba, CEO & Administrator, St. Mary Medical Center

Whether you’re a leader or plan to be one, you will benefit from the solid insights, ideas, candid stories and suggestions offered in The Unapologetic Woman.





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As the world changes faster each day, so do our youth. Cell phones, email, texting, the Internet, and a host of other technologies make today’s kids smarter…and in some ways harder to guide toward good choices. It’s enough to make any adult throw up his or her hands in despair. But with issues of violence, drugs, sex, and so many others that our children and our youth are exposed to on a daily basis, giving up is simply not an option. In Influencing Today’s Youth: Shaping the Behaviors, Expectations, and Aspirations of Tomorrow’s Leaders, author Danita Johnson Hughes, Ph.D., shares powerful principles that will help adults influence today’s youth to rise above adversity, navigate through societal and peer pressure, and make smarter choices in all aspects of life.




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