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Dr. Danita Johnson Hughes engages audiences with her relatable approach, knowledge and real-life examples to demonstrate how to implement changes for the most effective results.

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Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, TV Commentator

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Dr. Danita Hughes has been featured in several publications sharing her expertise in leadership, women's issues and healthcare.


Dr. Danita Johnson Hughes



Dr. Danita Johnson Hughes engages audiences with her relatable approach, knowledge and real-life examples to demonstrate how to implement changes for the most effective results.

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Speech Topics


woman-leader-200x173Women in Leadership
Female executives and CEOs bring a unique perspective to the workplace. To what do they attribute their success? Discover the leader within you. Learn what it takes to develop your leadership style and the skills of relationship building and collaboration to accomplish yours and your organization’s goals. Learn how women succeed, what holds them back, and how
to break through the glass ceiling.




Leadership200x173Preparing for Leadership: Do You Have What it Takes to Take the Lead?
Get prepared to take your career to the next level? Learn how to get noticed and selected for a leadership position. Learn techniques for developing effective leadership skills. Discover how to develop a more powerful presence.





Leadership phrasesThe Voice of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results
Leadership and effective communication go hand-in-hand with success. Communication is a vital component for creating trust, setting a clear vision and guiding your team to greater performance and profit.





leap200x173Crossing the Career Chasm: Chances, Choices, and Champions
Awareness of self and others is critical to career success. This topic is designed for people who want to enhance their ability to achieve organizational and career success. Learn to lead through change. Build your credibility, integrity, and influence. Learn the strategies for using personal power to boost your performance.





venn200x173Practical Principles for Achieving Health, Happiness and Harmony in Life
What are the secrets that will guide you on your own personal journey toward self-fulfillment and wholeness? Make every moment one of great happiness, contentment and peace. Break out of the destructive habits that keep you from having what you really want. Learn the five secrets for achieving health,
happiness and harmony.




PositiveThinking200x173Defeating the Enemy Within: Ten Steps for Building Self-Esteem
A positive mental attitude and a sense of self-worth are essential to success in every aspect of life. Learn these ten steps to help you master the most powerful psychological concepts to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude and healthy self-esteem. Learn affirmations, visualization and behavior modification
techniques to help you control your thoughts and achieve your goals.




success200x173Power Points for Success
Discover the keys to health, happiness, prosperity and personal success. Increase your ability to be the right person in the right place at the right time to accomplish those things that are most important to your life goals. Change your thinking, change your life, and tap into your own inner resources to achieve confidence, clarity, and control.

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